Marisela Veludo, fashion designer born in Madiera Portugal. Based in South Africa.

We asked Marisela a few questions. One of them being: What is the most important thing for you when designing for your clients?

Marisela’s response:

Designing and making fashion for my clients is what I truly enjoy doing. But it has more meaning for me. I am proud to say that I create and am apart of memories.

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Some services by Marisela

Fashion Design

Marisela Veludo, fashion designer, designs from scratch and from client input and feedback. Custom designs, print and colours.

Dress Making

Marisela Veludo is also a dress maker, ensuring that your custom designed dress will fit you like a glove.


With your input and Marisela's advice, the perfect finishes to your dress can be chosen and applied.


Marisela can consult with you in person. All you need to do is setup an appointment with her. Alternatively, send her a whatsapp or email and have your dress delivered straight to your door.


Marisela is always professional. Your design is always kept a secret. Consults are always done in private.


Marisela is always available. Either via our web chat. Or Whatsapp, email and social media.

Marisela: Memories

We asked Marisela, why its important to create and be apart of her clients memories?

Marisela replied:

After any occasion (occasion being a special event  or even the occasion of making and designing the dress; I am an evening wear designer),on my clients path with me, what is left, are only memories (and the dress of course).

Memories remain, memories last forever.

Marisela Veludo


We asked Marisela how she would you achieve the creation positive memories?

Marisela said: 

By keeping my work standards consistent (and improving them), listening to my clients, make them feel important and special. By exceeding their (my clients) expectation when handing over the finished product. All of my clients will always be treated equally.


In 2012, Marisela could no longer keep up with the demand from clients and went from a part-time business and launched her brand Passion4Fashion by Marisela Veludo. Passion4Fashion is a business that designs and makes fashion per client order.

In 2013, Marisela used her modelling experience to coach models. During the coaching, the models would do photo shoots and modelling performance’s to advertise her fashion, as well as entertain an audience.


Marisela Veludo, born in Madeira, Portugal moved to South Africa in 1991. From a young age, Marisela designed clothing for friends and family. By pursuing this passion, she taught herself to sew. At the age of 20, Marisela was running a full-time business with her then husband. From there she continued designing on a part-time basis and although she wanted to grow her business. Life deemed it necessary to keep those plans on hold.

Marisela Veludo - Madeira


The final question to Marisela was this; if you could leave a piece of wisdom or advice for people, what would that be?

Be passionate in all that you do. In everything. The journey may not be easy, but the reward is always great.


Remember you can always contact Marisela via her website, or whatsapp or our webchat.